• General Purpose Enclosure for Indoor Applications
  • 316L Stainless Steel Sensor
  • Low Cost, Designed for Industrial OEM and End Users
  • Simple Calibration and Setup
  • Top, Side, or Bottom Mounting

The LM series is designed to provide an extremely reliable level switch at a very cost effective price. This series replaces the standard explosion proof enclosure utilized in our LX series with a general purpose enclosure.


The principle of operation measures a temperature differential between a heated and a reference temperature sensor (see figure above). The differential varies as the type of product surrounding the sensor changes. This allows the level switch to detect a greater number of different products than any other currently available technology. The different product types are shown below in the sensor output chart. The field adjustable set-point can be adjusted to detect any two products shown.


The electronics feature a SPDT relay switch output with options for power input of 120 VAC, 12 VDC, and 24 VDC or VAC. Calibration is easily performed by adjusting a potentiometer on the circuit board.

  • High or Low Level Switch
  • Liquid to Liquid Interfaces
  • Detects Solids in Liquids
  • Highly Viscous Products
  • Differentiates Foam From Air or Liquids