• Adapts to ⅛” Tubing thru ¾” Pipes
  • Low Flow Rate Detection
  • Explosion Proof Enclosures
  • 316L Stainless Steel, Optional Hastelloy C-276
  • No Moving Parts
  • Pressures to 10,000 PSIG
  • Temperatures to 350F
  • Threaded or Flanged Connections
  • Simple and Easy Field Calibration
  • Field Programmable for Relay Energization

The IX series inline flow switch is designed to easily adapt to line sizes from ⅛” tubing to ¾” pipe and can sense low flow rates down to .5cc/second in air, .025cc/second in water, and .01cc/second in oil. Please refer to the FX Series for larger line sizes. This sensor offers an extremely reliable and repeatable instrument for industrial process control and features no moving parts exposed to the product being monitored. The device operates by measuring a temperature differential between a heated and a reference temperature sensor within the sensor body. The temperature differential is greatest at no flow and decreases as flow increases.


This allows use in applications requiring a simple flow/no flow detection and for switch-points at a predetermined flow rate. Many different flow ranges are shown in the set-point range chart below. A conversion table is also provided in the brochure to convert different engineering units. Extremely low flow rates can be detected with a typical turn down ratio of 300:1. The principle of operation allows this flow switch to be used in practically all liquids, gases and slurries. The electronics are available with single or dual switch points. An additional temperature monitoring output is also available with either a switch (relay output) or a linear 4-20 mA output.

Relay outputs are standard and are offered with several different configurations and 3 or 10 amp contact ratings. Remote mounting of the electronics is also available.

For more information please download a brochure, call us at 1-800-910-6689, or use our part number configurator to Request a Quotation.

  • Pump Protection: Flow switch can be set to automatically shut down pump on low flow or loss of flow conditions
  • Bearing Lubrication: The IX flow switch is able to detect loss of hydrocarbon lubricant flow down to 0.01 cc/sec
  • Seal Leakage: The IX series can verify positive seal flow and with a second switch point detect excessive leakage indicating maintenance requirement
  • Chemical Feed and Metering Pumps: Can detect flow rates down to 0.6 gallon/day to indicate low or no flow of chemical additives.
  • Safety Shower/Eye Wash Station: A flow switch can provide automatic annunciation that station is in use and help may be needed.
  • Purge Air: Detects or verifies flow to meet plant safety requirements; can detect flow rates down to 0.5 cc/second.
  • Analyzer/ Gas Chromatographs: The IX series quickly confirms continuous or sample flow to instruments
  • Spray Nozzles: Detects nozzle blockage in coating applications
  • Heater Burnout Prevention: Can prevent overheating of elements by shutting down heater on loss or reduction of flow
  • Drain Line Sensor: The IX flow sensor is capable of detecting low flow in partially filled lines
  • Control Rooms: Verifies flow when fans, pumps or valves are energized and working properly