Ameritrol manufactures electronic flow, level, temperature switches for the industrial process control industry. The no moving parts design provides reliable and repeatable operation in virtually all Liquids, Gasses, and Slurries. We have a large inventory and sell direct so if you need a flow switch, level switch, or temperature switch please give us a call today.

About Us

Ameritrol Inc. manufactures highly reliable electronic flow switches, level switches and temperature switches for the industrial process control industry. These flow sensors can be used in virtually all liquids, gases, and slurries. The liquid level switch can be used to detect wet/dry conditions as well as liquid to liquid interfaces. The temperature switches offer an extremely accurate and repeatable device by using a platinum RTD for temperature sensing. These all electronic devices offer reliable operation even at extremely high temperatures and pressures. They are used in critical applications and hazardous locations. Sensor options include exotic alloys, remote mounting, retractable probes, flanged process connections, 10,000 PSIG service, and temperatures to 900F. A very large inventory allows us to offer same day shipping on hundreds of different configurations.

Our Promise To You

Our promise to you: We strive to provide high quality cost effective instrumentation for the industrial process control market. We are able to provide fast delivery and provide custom instruments for difficult or unusual installations. Our sales and engineering staff has decades of experience in applying, designing, and manufacturing the flow, level and temperature switches that we offer.